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The World's Only Verified Shipper Database For Freight Sales Pros

Purpose Built For Finding Shippers

ShipperCRM is built by freight pros, for freight pros. We've combined traditional CRM functionality with freight-finding tools that help you find, win, and manage more freight business.

Up-To-Date Shipper Database

Say goodbye to outdated shipper lists. We've collated companies, addresses, phone numbers, and insights from hundreds of accurate sources.

Request Contacts At Any US Shipper

Cant find the shipper you are looking for in our database? Just look them up with our Google Maps integration and click Request Contact Research

Track Interactions & Schedule Follow-Ups

Log phone calls, emails, and notes for each lead while tracking your progress.

Lightning-Fast Search

Just start typing what you are looking for and ShipperCRM will find it for you.

Google Maps Integration

Use Google Maps to easily find and add leads to ShipperCRM.

Import Private Contacts

Migrate over your contacts into ShipperCRM. Imported contacts are yours to keep and never shared.

One Source of Shipper Truth

Stop using outdated and inaccurate shipper data from 3rd party sources to generate more leads. ShipperCRM Pro continously updates its database of shippers, their locations, and their contacts, all while keeping your own contact data completely private to you - and never shared.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Does ShipperCRM Share My Contact Data?
Never. We strictly seperate your imported contacts (which are private to you, encrypted, and never shared with anyone) from those that we find on our own to fulfill contact requests.
Why Choose ShipperCRM over HubSpot or Salesforce?
Other CRM platforms cater to a general audience, whereas ShipperCRM is designed specifically to find freight from active shippers. Our platform uniquely offers a massive database of verified shippers and the ability to request shipping-related contacts.
Why Choose ShipperCRM Over Zoominfo For Freight Sales Professionals?
ShipperCRM exclusively specializes in helping you find verified shippers and accurate contact information for their decision-makers, while streamlining your prospecting process within the platform. Unlike Zoominfo's general contact database, ShipperCRM caters to various freight classes like dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds. With simpler, more affordable pricing and no binding contracts, ShipperCRM is the ideal choice for freight sales professionals. Try our free trial to see for yourself!
How Do I Request Contacts For A Shipper?
The fastest way is to select a verified shipper from our database, and add it to your collection. We will then notify you once we find a list of suggested shipping-related contacts (name, title, linkedin) that you can choose from, which you can then unlock using your contact credits.
How Long Does A Contact Request Take?
Anywhere from 1-3 business days, as we manually verify each contact before we send it to you. If we can't find any contacts, we don't charge you any credits.
Who “Owns” All My Imported Shipper And Contact Data?
You do. Forever. As an individual freight sales rep subscribes to ShipperCRM directly, you can take all your shipper data and the contacts with you from place to place, assuming you don’t have a specific non-compete or non-solicitation agreement in place with your employer that precludes this. If you don’t, then all the data you inputted is yours, forever.
Can I Expense My ShipperCRM Account?
Many brokers, 3PL's, and carriers will let you expense your ShipperCRM account while you work for them. After all, they want you to find as much freight from credit worthy shippers as you can.
I Manage A Freight Sales Team. Will This Work For My Reps?
We are actively working with early users to launch the best team management experience possible. At the moment each sales rep must have their own account. However, you will be able to invite existing and new accounts easily.
What Happens To The Data When A Sales Rep Leaves My Team?
You will be able to re-assign leads from one rep to another if someone leaves, and also see a live running score of your reps activity so you can reward the hard workers and weed out the low performers (some reporting is currently under development).